Alexis Bledel Height, Weight, Child, First Language

Alexis Bledel is no stranger to the public eye. The Gilmore Girls actress has been in the entertainment business for over two decades now. And while her career has been steady, her weight has always been a topic of conversation.

Recently, though, it seems like Bledel’s weight may have gone up a bit. And while she’s still gorgeous, some fans are wondering if she’s put on a few too many pounds.

We all know Alexis Bledel as the Gilmore Girls’ Rory Gilmore, but did you know that she’s also a model? That’s right, in addition to being an actress and producer, Bledel is also a model. And she’s not just any model – she’s a model for Kate Spade.

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Bledel looks amazing in the new campaign, which was shot by fashion photographer David Sims. In the ads, Bledel wears a variety of colorful Kate Spade dresses and accessories, looking like the perfect example of summertime fun. But what we really love about these photos is that Bledel looks like a real woman.

She’s not stick thin or airbrushed – she looks like someone we could actually see ourselves hanging out with. And that’s refreshing to see in the world of fashion advertising. So congratulations to Alexis Bledel on her new modeling gig – we think she looks great!

How Old was Alexis Bledel When She Played Rory in Season 1?

Alexis Bledel was 18 years old when she played Rory in season 1.

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Does Alexis Bledel Have a Child?

No, Alexis Bledel does not have a child.

Is Alexis Bledel Still Married?

Yes, Alexis Bledel is still married to her husband, actor Vincent Kartheiser. The couple met on the set of the TV show “Mad Men” in 2012 and got married in 2014. They have one child together, a son named Liam.

What was Alexis Bledel First Language?

Alexis Bledel was born in Houston, Texas to Argentine parents. She grew up speaking Spanish as her first language. She didn’t start learning English until she was in kindergarten.

Alexis Bledel Height, Weight

Alexis Bledel Height, Weight How tall is Alexis Bledel? 5′ 7″ (1.7 m) How much does Alexis Bledel weigh?

121 lbs (55 kg) What are Alexis Bledel’s measurements? 34-24-34 in or 86-61-86 cm Date of Birth: 16 September 1981, Houston, Texas, USA Birth Name: Kimberly Alexis Bledel Nicknames: Lexi Build: Slim Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Dark Brown – Light Brown Distinctive Features: Prominent eyebrows Zodiac Sign: Virgo Sexual Orientation : Straight Religion : Christian Race / Ethnicity : White / Latino body shape : Hourglass Shoe Size : 8.5 US Dress Size : 4 US Measurements: 34-24-34 in or 86-61-86 cm Bra Size/Cup Size: 32B Waistline = 24 Inches Hips = 34 Inches Brand Endorsements She has done endorsement work for the following brands – Liberty London Lifestyle and home decorating line JCPenney Fashionwear and home furnishings Kohl’s Department store Old Navy Clothing Target Discount store Personal Trainer Alexis follows a strict workout routine and diet plan to maintain her slim figure. Workout Routine She works out 5 times a week.

Monday & Wednesday – Yoga Tuesday & Thursday – Cardio Friday – Strength Training Saturday & Sunday – Rest Days Diet Plan Her diet consists mostly of healthy whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources such as chicken breast etc., and complex carbs like quinoa and brown rice. However she also allows herself some cheat meals on weekends which include her favorite foods like pizza and ice cream etc..


Alexis Bledel’s Weight: How She Stayed So Slim For years, Alexis Bledel was best known for her role as Rory Gilmore on the popular television show Gilmore Girls. Since the show ended, she has taken on a few different roles and has slimmed down considerably.

In an interview with Health magazine, she revealed how she was able to lose the weight and keep it off. Bledel explained that she cut out processed foods and started eating more whole foods. She also began working out regularly, both cardio and strength training.

While she didn’t initially love working out, she found that it made her feel better both physically and mentally. Now, exercise is a regular part of her routine. The actress also shared that having supportive family and friends is key to maintaining her weight loss.

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