Property Brothers Net Worth: How Rich The Twins Brothers In 2024?

Property Brothers Net Worth: The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, have an estimated net worth of $200 million. They have been working in the real estate and home renovation industry for over a decade and are currently the hosts of two popular HGTV shows, Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother. In addition to their work on television, the brothers have also authored several books on home improvement and have launched a successful furniture line.

Fans have been enamored with Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers since they rose to fame on HGTV in 2011. The attractive twin brothers, who are adored for their exuberant dispositions, lively sense of humor, remarkable physical attractiveness, and, of course, their extraordinary skills in renovating and real estate investing, have amassed a substantial net worth collectively.

Property Brothers Net Worth

Bio and Wiki

The Scott twins were raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, and have been business owners since they were small children. Drew and Jonathan joined forces at the age of seven to launch a company making and selling handmade clothes hangers. Jonathan clarified, “We went door to door,” in a 2014 interview with The New York Times.

The brothers used their connection to sell thousands of hangers overseas in what turned out to be their first official business venture together. “People thought, ‘That’s cute.’ Then we hooked up with this woman who had a chain of stores in Japan.”

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The brothers had a passion for the arts and took jobs as clowns at parties to supplement their income. Jonathan stated to People magazine in 2018 that “we started getting hired out as apprentice clowns at 8 years old. We did that for years, until we were making like fifty bucks an hour.”

Both Scott and Jonathan tried their hand at acting as teenagers, and they both got small roles in television series including Breaker High, Smallville, and The X-Files. The brothers decided to attempt house flipping for a profit at that point.

What is Drew and Jonathan Scott’s Combined Net Worth?

The aggregate net worth of the Scott brothers is believed to be $200 million. The Property Brothers brand, which has given rise to over ten popular spin-off shows, is undoubtedly much to blame for this wealth. In addition, the brothers receive a healthy salary from their furniture line and production firm, in addition to minor ventures like magazine articles, TV series, book agreements, and live appearances.

The two have collaborated on several mobile applications and games, such as Property Brothers: Home Design and Property Brothers Handbook. Additionally, they co-hosted a 13-week lifestyle radio program called Off Topic with the Scott Brothers on Canadian radio with their brother JD. Furthermore, they have created and featured in other popular web series, such as the Elevate Your Space Challenge, Toddler Vs. Toddler, BroCam, and The Scott Seat.

How Much Does They Make Money?

The huge money balances Drew and Jonathan have may be the result of their numerous business endeavors. Dream Home, the couple’s debut book, was published in 2016, and It Takes Two: Our Story, their memoir, was released the following year in 2017. Additionally, in 2018 and 2019, they wrote two children’s books, Builder Brothers: Big Plans and Building Brothers: Better Together.

Both Jonathan and Drew sought careers in television before making their names in the home remodeling industry. Actually, they were all on Breaker High, a Canadian television program. While Jonathan was on The X-Files, Drew also had a role on Smallville.

How Do Property Brothers Get Paid?

The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are paid for their work on the HGTV show in several ways. For one, they are each paid a salary by the network for their participation in the show. In addition, they receive compensation from sponsorships and product placements on the show.

They also earn income from their real estate investing business, which is profiled on the show. And finally, they make money from book sales and speaking engagements related to their work on television.


The popularity of the HGTV series Property Brothers and its spin-off programs, such as Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother, Property Brothers: At Home, and Brothers Take New Orleans, has made Drew and Jonathan Scott well-known over the past ten years. These twins, who were born in Canada, must be leading quite affluent lives with so many hits under their belts and numerous more prosperous business endeavors. An inside peek at these two TV and real estate personalities’ remarkable net worth may be seen here.

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