Every website has certain conditions. Similarly famosabio.com also has some terms and conditions. And of course you have to visit the site in accordance with the terms of the site. Below are the terms of the site:

  1. Of course you have to comment on the post. No obscene sentences can be used in the comments.
  2. No anti-national or provocative comments can be made.
  3. You can use the link in the comment. And the links will be no-follow.
  4. Unnecessary links cannot be used.
  5. Your product cannot be promoted unless there are some related sites.
  6. Adults can not comment on any message.
  7. Nothing can be done that hurts the feelings of others.
  8. The site owner has the power to ban you without notice.
  9. The Authority reserves the right to make all modifications, additions and refinements to the Site.

We hope you will visit our site in compliance with these terms.

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