Amouranth Net Worth, Income, Age, Husband, Height, Biography and Career

Amouranth Net Worth: Amouranth is a professional cosplayer, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer who has amassed a large following online. She is known for her detailed and intricate costumes, as well as her lively and outgoing personality. Despite her immense fame, she was frequently scrutinized by the public due to numerous scandals and expulsions.

Almost every other day, she makes headlines for something on her channels, whether it’s her most recent accomplishments, investments, or anything else. All of those questions and more are covered in this article about Amouranth’s wealth.

Amouranth Net Worth


She was born in Houston, Texas, on December 2, 1993. Although many people only know her by Amouranth, Kaitlyn Siragusa is her birth name. A large number of family members and well-wishers will be there to celebrate her upcoming birthday. She and her parents raised her as a young child in Houston, Texas.

When Kaitlyn was younger, she had a passion for sewing clothing and a keen interest in dressing up as fictional characters from comic books and Disney movies. Kaitlyn received recommendations to Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet after taking Fashion Design and Theatrical Costume Design in college. As a costume designer, she was employed there.

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Real Name Kaitlyn Siragusa
Born 2 December 1993
residence Houston, TX
Occupation Streamers, cosplayers
Sources of income Celebrity model, costume designer
Nationality American


Amouranth is wed to Nick Lee, a professional athlete trainer and bodybuilder. Although they got married in 2015, she has never revealed her husband’s identity to the public. Upon further investigation, some online users discovered that her spouse’s name is Nick Lee. Nick and she had been close friends before they were married. Nick was a bodybuilder once. Around 2020, Lee started using Twitter and shared pictures of their marriage license. Since then, her marriage to her better half has not been great, and it is unclear if they are still together.


Amouranth has pursued a variety of career paths, one of which is acting in motion pictures. Amouranth began by working odd jobs as a cosplayer—someone who dressed up and made appearances as various characters. She mostly performed her services for pay at children’s birthday parties and other events.

She plays with ill children and many others at hospitals while dressed in costume. As she changed directions in her career and started working with Twitch, her reputation grew. Her career took a major turn when she began working as a content creator for Twitch in 2016. She started by livestreaming herself creating costumes, and she kept going faster and more frequently.

Amouranth Net Worth

She has a $10 million net worth. She earned all of her money through other business endeavors and the internet. Amouranth has put in a great deal of effort to become self-sufficient and take care of everything. She primarily made a lot of money in her relationship to look after both her partner and herself.


Amouranth maintains multiple YouTube channels, which she updates on a weekly basis. At most, she gets about 1,000,000 views, with an average of over 300,000. She may use her channels only to boost her visibility on the majority of social media sites, but we don’t think they provide a sizable income.


Amouranth has sponsorship agreements with Dolls Kill and G Fuel, two online retailers. The streamer will receive several brand endorsements worth between $500,000 and $1,000,000. Amouranth is currently broadcasting Just Chatting videos and games on her Twitch channel.


Amouranth has undoubtedly been successful in establishing herself, and her net worth has increased dramatically as a result of the money she makes across all of her platforms. She is not only a skilled streamer but also a savvy businesswoman who pays attention to detail and the wider picture. She puts a lot of effort into creating and streaming content every day in an effort to satisfy her fans. Also she is Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, a person who is intensely focused on realizing her dream of creating a ranch sanctuary for the animals she cherishes most, more than she is Amouranth.

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