Chelsea Lazkani Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Husband, Career, Assets, Social Media

Chelsea Lazkani has become popular, especially thanks to her role on the popular Netflix series “Selling Sunset.” She has amassed considerable wealth in addition to recognition for her abilities, charm, and business sense. She has gained a devoted following among show viewers thanks to her impressive career background and endearing personality. Know about Chelsea Lazkani Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Husband, Career, Assets, Social Media from this article.

Chelsea Lazkani Net Worth


Chelsea began her academic career with a degree in Business Economics and an additional degree in International Oil and Gas Management. She was born in London on January 26, 1993. Before discovering her passion in real estate, she worked in her early career as a business strategist and solar analyst.

She went back to school and graduated with a degree that would eventually become the cornerstone of her real estate career. Her real estate career started in the UK, where she refined her abilities before relocating to Los Angeles to broaden her horizons.


The real estate broker and Jeff Lazkani are wed. On the dating app Tinder, the two got together in 2015. On vacation in Los Angeles, California, USA, was Chelsea. Before saying “I do” on August 12, 2017, at the Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, California, they dated for two years.

Maddox Ali Levon, a son, and Melia Iman Lazkani, a daughter, are the couple’s children. Melia was born on November 11, 2020, and Maddox was born in January 2019. Jeff is a businessman who manages partners at Icon Media Direct.

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Chelsea started her real estate career in Los Angeles at Rodeo Realty Inc., where she spent nearly three years honing her craft. In 2021, she made the crucial switch to the Oppenheim Group. Her desire to encourage diversity in the real estate industry and her love for the field drove her to make the move.

Chelsea Lazkani Net Worth

The net worth of Chelsea Lazkani is $6 million. The amount of money Chelsea Lazkani has amassed is a result of her diligence and accomplishments in the real estate and television industries. Estimates for 2024 range from $500,000 to $7,500,000, according to different reports, which reflects her potential and accomplishments in the field.

One of the cast members, Davina, was able to acquire a 75 million dollar property in the second season. If she sold it, the commissions would net her $2.25 million. Every transaction will earn three percent for Chelsea Lazkani. Thus, her commission on a $5 million property will come to about $150,000. A real estate agent can be compensated in this way.


Thinking back on her achievements, Chelsea leads an opulent life, owning a priceless residence in Los Angeles and reaping the rewards of her husband Jeff’s joint success. Selling Sunset brings in a substantial sum of money for Chelsea Lazkani. As you may have noticed, we previously talked about her income! However, there’s more information: how does she make money through various ventures? Let’s investigate the matter.

Each and every real estate agent receives a commission when a buyer closes the deal. There are other cast members in Selling Sunset.

Social Media

Chelsea Lazkani enjoys posting his photos and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In order to interact with her fans on social media, she shares her activities on a regular basis. On Instagram, she has 295 K followers.


Chelsea Lazkani stands out from the other cast members thanks to her background and abilities. Lazkani, however, worked as a real estate broker. She left the industry to come work here, where she soon amassed enormous wealth.

Married to Jeff Lazkani, Chelsea Lazkani is a British-Nigerian professional in the real estate industry, a social media influencer, reality TV star, and mother of two. Chelsea was managing a real estate company and working as a premier realtor. She is a diligent businesswoman, and the market is highly competitive.

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