Who is Kristian Alfonso’s Husband Danny Daggenhurst? Age, Bio & Career

Danny Daggenhurst has achieved celebrity status in the entertainment industry due to his marriage to American actress and model Kristian Alfonso. In the past, his father was an ambassador to Czechoslovakia. As an attorney, he currently practices in California, giving his clients the best possible care.

Danny is currently 57 years old and was born in 1963. However, because of his lifestyle, his birthdate is kept secret from the general public. Throughout his early years, Danny had a strong desire to become an entrepreneur and even launched a few small companies to help him grow into a highly successful individual in the field.

Who is Kristian Alfonso’s Husband Danny Daggenhurst?

American entrepreneur Danny Daggenhurst oversees his palm oil company in Bangkok, Thailand. Danny Daggenhurst, the son of the former Greek Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, rose to fame in 2001 after tying the knot with Days of Our Lives actress Kristian Alfonso.

Danny Daggenhurst was reared in the United States of America after being born in the United Kingdom in 1963 by the official Greek Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. Being a very private individual, Danny Daggenhurst withheld most of his personal details from the press.

Full Name Danny Daggenhurst
Nick Name Danny
Date of birth 1963
Nationality British
Profession Entrepreneur
Birthplace United Kingdom
Net worth $3 million
Marital status Married
Wife Kristian Alfonso

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Age, Height & Weight

Danny was born in the United States in 1963. It is not possible to find his birthday. In 2024, Danny Daggenhurst will be 61 years old. His body measurements are 44-34-38, and he weighs 53 kg in addition to his height of 6’1″. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears an 11 in shoes.


Danny was previously wed to actress and businesswoman Nabila Khashoggi, who was born in Lebanon. Their 1993-born son, Spartan Daggenhurst, is a blessing. Later, on October 6, 2001, he wed Kristian Alfonso, and the two of them have a son named Jack Daggenhurst. Actress Kristian Alfonso rose to fame on Days of Our Lives. She had a son named Gino Macauley from her previous marriage, which lasted from 1987 to 1991.


Danny is a British businessman who serves as chairman of the Bangkok-based Palm Oil Company. Although he has a successful business, he gained notoriety after marrying Kristian, a popular actress. Her portrayal of Hope Williams on the soap opera Days of Our Lives made her famous. Kristian has additionally appeared in the sixth season of the American sitcom Friends.

Net Worth

Danny Daggenhurst has an approximate net worth of $3 million. His main sources of income are his businesses and the salary he receives from his employment. The millionaire’s wife, whose estimated net worth is $5 million, is the product of her modeling career, TV appearances, and business dealings in the fashion industry.

Daggenhurst has a respectable job that pays well enough to support them financially. He is the chairman of a Bangkok-based palm oil company that is regarded as a successful enterprise in Asia and owns a business in Thailand. Some sources claim that he makes more than $181,000. Several sources predict that, taking into account his professional development, his cash flow could range from $700,000 to $3 million. 

Social Media

Daggenhurst doesn’t use social media, but his wife is highly followed on Instagram with over 98.1k followers. He hasn’t given the media many personal details about himself because he is a secretive person. In terms of media exposure, he has very little relationship with his wife and children. He claims that his family is the most important thing in his life and that he will always put them first.


Danny Daggenhurst chairs a well-known palm company. In addition, he conducts business in Bangkok. Nevertheless, he intends to launch his own company and hopes to become a prosperous entrepreneur. But if one were to look into his wife’s career, Kristian is a renowned American actress. She competed in figure skating and was a gold medallist in the Junior Olympics. Regretfully, her skating career was cut short at the age of thirteen due to an accident. She then started modeling. 

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