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Emma Grede is a British entrepreneur and business executive. She is the co-founder and CEO of Good American, a denim brand created in 2016 with Khloe Kardashian. The company sells jeans, shirts, jackets, and other clothing for women of all sizes. She gained notoriety due to her business partnership with the Kardashians, and she even makes an appearance on Shark Tank.

Bio and Wiki

Growing up in London, Emma Grede was born in 1982. Raised by a single mother alongside her three sisters, she was from a working-class background. She attended The London College of Fashion to finish her studies, and in 2001 she received her diploma. She started working for Europe’s top fashion show and event production company, Inca Productions, as soon as she graduated.

Emma was the director of Ince Productions’ sponsorship and endorsement department. During her tenure at Inca, she worked with luxury labels like Sky, Chivas, and Mercedes Benz in addition to renowned designers like Vivienne Westwood, Zac Posen, and Alexander McQueen.

Full Name Emma Grede
Date of Birth 1982
Birthplace London, United States
Age 41 years old
Education London School of Fashion
Parents Jenny-Lee Findlay
Marital Status Married to Jens Grede since July 28, 2008
Children Grey, Lola
Spouse Jens Grede
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Net Worth $375 Million

Age, Height and Weight

Emma Grede is 41 years old based on her birthdate. Emma Grede weighs about 59 kg and stands about 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her long, black, silky hair and brown eyes go really well together. Regarding her physical attributes, her flawlessly hourglass-shaped figure is sure to draw in attention. She also has the additional trait of being sufficiently tall. Her ethnicity is White.

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Emma Grede has not revealed any information about her parents, but she was raised by her single mother and her three sisters; their parents are immigrants. They were from Trinidad and Jamaica. The whole family enjoys taking tours together, and they support one another through both good and bad times.


Emma’s passion for the fashion industry led her to enroll in the London College of Fashion in 1997, where she began her career in the field. After earning her college degree in 2001, she began working for Inca Productions. She was in charge of the company’s sponsorship and endorsement program before partnering with ITB in 2008. She rose through the ranks to become ITB’s Managing Director and, eventually, CEO.

Emma came up with the business idea to make denim that fit women of all sizes and shapes. She left her position at ITB after refining her concept and making it viable for the entire world. She also brought up this concept to Khloe and Kris Jenner, the matriarchs of the Kar-Jenner family. Following the success of her pitch, she and Kardashians launched the business Good American. She connected with the Kardashians in this way. When her business opened in 2016, clients and the public showed her so much love and support.

Emma Grede Net Worth

Emma Grede is a British-American businesswoman with a net worth of $375 million as of 2024. He is a well-known co-founder and CEO of Good American, as well as a founding partner of SKIMS. She is an American businesswoman. Her yearly salary as of 2024 is approximately $50 million. She developed an early interest in fashion, which helped her rise to prominence today. View Emma Grede’s Income Sources, Assets, Investments, and Earnings.

Emma Grede Net Worth


Emma Grede and her husband Jens Grede are wed. She and Jens were business partners at first, but then their relationship blossomed. On July 28, 2008, she wed her spouse; the two of them are parents to two children. Grey was their son, and Lola was their daughter.

In addition to being the Baby2Baby ambassador, Emma Grede dedicates a significant portion of her time to women’s empowerment and charitable endeavors. As a businesswoman, she aspires to achieve great heights and wants every woman to have the same opportunities. Despite being a successful entrepreneur and a good mother, she makes an effort to spend quality time with her kids.

Real Estate

Emma Grede and her spouse, Jens Grede, purchased a $24 million mansion in Los Angeles in 2020. The 110-foot pool and nearly 12,000 square feet of indoor living space are features of the 68-acre Bel Air estate! It’s unclear, though, how much Emma contributed to the property and how much her husband paid.


Emma Grede wants to promote inclusivity and body positivity through her clothing line, Good American, by creating clothes that fit a variety of body shapes and sizes. She advances the conversation about inclusivity in the fashion industry and helps to make Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line successful as a founding partner of SKIMS.

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