Graham Stephan Net Worth, Income, Age, Height, Bio, Career, Girlfriend & News

You may have seen Graham Stephan on YouTube and wondered what his net worth is. He is a social media star as well as a very successful real estate agent. He earns additional money and recognition from his highly popular real estate-focused YouTube channel.

Graham Stephan Net Worth


In Santa Monica, California, Graham Stephan was born in the year 1990. He had an ordinary childhood growing up in Santa Monica with his siblings. Graham and his siblings were able to live a comfortable life because their father worked in the animation industry.

Stephan’s grades were below average during his time in high school. He applied for admission at Pepperdine, but was turned down. After being rejected for admission, he entered the real estate business right away and hasn’t bothered to get a degree since he started off well.

Age, Height and Weight

Graham is now 32 years old and the right height at 5 feet 8 inches, or 1.78 meters, or 178 centimeters. He weighs 61 kg, or 132 lbs, in addition. His hair is golden-brown, and he has brown eyes. In addition, he wears a US dress size 10. Other than this, neither his body measurements nor his shoe size are disclosed.

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Graham Stephan Net Worth

Graham Stephan is thought to have a $9 million net worth. But it makes sense to anticipate a sizable rise in his wealth by 2024 given his sustained success and expanding fan base. Based on his diverse sources of income such as brand partnerships, real estate investments, and YouTube ad revenue, it is estimated that in the coming years, his net worth could potentially reach $10–12 million.


Graham Stephan is in a relationship with Savannah, a stunning blonde. In July 2019, after she began dating Graham, she started her own YouTube channel under the name “Savannah Smiles.” At present, she has 31,000 YouTube subscribers, and her channel is still expanding. Since “Savannah Smiles” is actually the title of a popukar comedy film, nobody is certain if Smiles is her true last name. She also goes by GiGi, which stands for Graham’s girlfriend.

Savannah and her boyfriend Graham are extremely frugal with their money; rather than going to the movies, they watch Netflix. They even split the cost of a meal when they are dining outside. There seem to be a lot of similarities between Graham and Savannah.

How is Graham Stephan So Rich?

The majority of Graham Stephan’s income comes from his real estate holdings. Graham Stephan has made investments in a variety of start-ups and companies in addition to stocks and real estate. His impressive net worth has been further enhanced by the success of many of these business ventures.

Graham Stephan is popular for giving back to the community through charitable contributions and educational endeavors in addition to his impressive net worth. He has made significant financial contributions to charities all over the world. In addition, Graham Stephan is the director of the Real Estate Agent Academy, which he founded to assist real estate agents in improving their professional skills.

Graham Stephan News 2024

Graham Stephan is still an esteemed figure in personal finance and real estate as of 2024. The YouTube Creator Academy, a brand-new online course he just introduced, teaches students how to launch and expand their own YouTube channels. In addition, Graham is growing his real estate company and making content for his several YouTube channels.


When Graham Stephan started working as an investor and real estate agent, he began to succeed online. He developed a personal brand around educating people about real estate by making use of his social media following. Eventually, this prompted him to start his own YouTube channel, where he started uploading videos covering a variety of subjects, including credit scores, investing, and loan kinds. Millions of people have watched his videos, making him one of the most famous YouTubers in his field. 

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