How to Style Box Braids With Beads

Box braids are a popular hairstyle for both men and women. They are easy to style and can be worn in a variety of ways. One way to style box braids is with beads.

Beads can add color, texture, and interest to your box braids. Here are some tips on how to style box braids with beads: Start by choosing the right type of bead.

There are many different types of beads available, so it is important to choose one that will complement your hair color and style. Smaller beads tend to be more versatile and can be used in a variety of styles. Larger beads can also be used, but they may be more difficult to keep in place.

Once you have chosen the right type of bead, it is time to decide how many you want to use. A good rule of thumb is to use about 2-3 beads per braid. If you are using large beads, you may want to use fewer than this.

Once you have decided on the number of beads you want to use, start threading them onto your hair. To make sure the beads stay in place, you can either tie them off at the ends or use a clear elastic band at the base of each braid. Once all of your braids are styled with beads, you can experiment with different hairstyles.

  • Start with clean, dry box braids
  • If your braids are new, you may want to wait a day or two before adding beads to give them time to settle
  • Decide where you want to place your beads
  • You can add them randomly or in a pattern
  • Cut small pieces of fishing line or thread and tie them around the base of each braid near the scalp
  • String on beads until you reach the ends of the braids
  • Trim excess fishing line or thread, if needed
How to Style Box Braids With Beads


How Long Do Box Braids With Beads Last?

Box braids with beads can last anywhere from two weeks to two months. The key to making them last longer is to keep them clean and moisturized. shampooing and conditioning your hair regularly will help to keep the braids from drying out and becoming brittle.

You can also use a leave in conditioner or oil to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

How Do You Wrap Knotless Braids With Beads?

Knotless braids with beads are a popular style for both kids and adults. They are easy to do and can be styled in many different ways. The key to this style is to use good quality hair extensions and wrap them tightly around your own hair.

You will also need some clear elastic bands to secure the braids. To start, take a small section of your hair and divide it into three even sections. Begin braiding these sections tight against your scalp.

As you braid, add in small elastics every few inches to keep the braid secure. Once you reach the ends of your hair, tie off the braid with an elastic band. Next, take one of the strands of hair extension and wrap it around the base of the braid, securing it with an elastic band.

Repeat this step with the other two strands of extension hair. Now you should have three strands of extension hair wrapped around the base of your braid. Start adding beads onto each strand of extension hair, sliding them down towards the end of the strand.

Once all three strands are adorned with beads, twist each strand around itself to create a rope-like effect. Finally, tie off the ends of each strand with an elastic band or clips to keep everything in place.

How Many Packs of Beads Do You Need for Box Braids?

If you’re looking to give yourself a healthy dose of hair inspiration, look no further than box braids. This protective hairstyle is not only incredibly trendy, but it’s also extremely versatile. You can wear your box braids in a multitude of different styles, and they can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be.

Plus, they’re perfect for all sorts of occasions – whether you’re headed to the beach or hitting up a formal event. One important thing to note about box braids is that they can take quite a bit of time to install – depending on how many packs of beads you need for box braids, it could take anywhere from 3-8 hours. That being said, the end result is definitely worth the wait!

And once your box braids are in, they’ll last for weeks (if not months) – meaning you won’t have to spend nearly as much time on your hair on a daily basis. So if you’re considering getting box braids, read on for everything you need to know – including how many packs of beads you’ll need… First things first: let’s talk about the different types of bead sizes that are available for purchase.

When it comes to pre-made strands (also called “bundles”), there are three main bead sizes: small (4mm), medium (5mm), and large (6mm). The number corresponds with the diameter of each individual bead – so naturally, the larger the bead size, the more space each bead will take up on your braid. As such, small beads are typically used for thinner/finer strands while large beads are better suited for thicker/coarser strands.

If you’re unsure which size is right for you, we recommend starting with medium beads since they offer a happy medium between thickness and fullness. Now that we’ve covered bead size options, let’s move on to pack count recommendations based on braid length… For shoulder-length styles or shorter , 2-3 packs should suffice .

If you want waist-length or longer styles , however , 4+ packs may be necessary . Keep in mind that these estimates assume an average amount ofhair per pack – if your hair is particularly thick or thin ,you may need more or less than what’s listed above . Last but not least , don’t forget about color !

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How Much are Knotless Braids With Beads?

Knotless braids with beads are a type of hairstyle that is becoming increasingly popular. This style is achieved by creating cornrow-like braids without any knots, and then adding beads to the ends of the braids. The result is a stylish and unique look that can be customized to suit your personal taste.

So, how much do knotless braids with beads cost? Well, it depends on a few factors, such as the length of your hair, the thickness of your hair, and the number of beads you want to use. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30-$100 for this type of hairstyle.

Of course, if you have very long or thick hair, you may end up paying more. If you’re thinking about getting knotless braids with beads, we recommend finding a stylist who specializes in this type of hairstyle. That way, you can be sure that your hair will be properly taken care of and that the final result will look exactly how you want it to.

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Adding beads to your box braids is a great way to give them a little extra flair. Beads come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, so you can really get creative with this styling technique. You can add beads to the tips of your braids, or string them along the length of the braid for a more dramatic look.

To get started, simply thread the beads onto a needle and then feed them through the braid. You can also use pre-made bead attachments if you want to save yourself some time. Experiment with different looks until you find one that you love!

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