Jared Kushner Net Worth, Earnings, Family, Height, Weight, Wife, Career & Controversy

Jared Kushner is prominent name in American politics and business, has not stopped drawing attention. Numerous business endeavors, real estate transactions, and wise investments have impacted his path to this exceptional financial position. However, get a clear idea about Jared Kushner Net Worth, Earnings, Family, Height, Weight, Wife, Career & Controversy from his article.

Jared Kushner’s work in President Donald Trump’s administration—a role he inherited from his marriage to Ivanka Trump—led to his international fame. He was a prominent figure in the New York real estate market prior to Trump’s election. Jared founded Affinity Partners, a private equity firm, six months after Donald Trump’s presidency came to an end.

Early Life

Jared Corey Kushner was born on January 10th, 1981 in Livingston, New Jersey. Charles Kushner, a prominent real estate developer, is Jared’s father. Born and raised in a Jewish household, Jared enrolled at Harvard University in 1999. According to one journalist, Jared’s father donated $2.5 million before his son was approved.

Jared Kushner earned a Bachelor of Arts in government from Harvard in 2003. Later on, in 2007, he graduated with a dual JD and MBA from New York University. Kushner allegedly made millions closing real estate deals in his free time while he was a college student.

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Real name Jared Corey Kushner.
Date of Birth January 10, 1981.
Birthplace Livingston, NJ, USA
Nationality American.
Gender Male.
ethnicity White.
Religion Judaism
Profession Businessman and Politician.
Director of the office of American Innovation.

Height and Weight

Jared Kushner weighs 185 pounds (84 kg) and stands 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) tall. He wears a size 12 US (45 EU) shoe.


Jared Kushner wed Ivanka Trump in 2009. After being married in a Jewish ceremony, Ivanka became a Jewish convert. Together, they have given birth to three children during their relationship. Kushner was treated for thyroid cancer during the Trump Administration after receiving a diagnosis in October 2019. He had a second thyroid surgery in August 2022.


Jared Kushner’s rise in the business was facilitated by the real estate company Kushner Companies, which his father, Charles Kushner, founded. Additionally, he was heavily involved in the purchase of Manhattan’s famous 666 Fifth Avenue building, a transaction that attracted a lot of media attention. His increasing wealth was also greatly influenced by his participation in numerous residential and commercial real estate projects across the United States.

Jared Kushner Net Worth 

Jared Kushner, the senior White House adviser and husband of Ivanka Trump, has a net worth estimated at $800 million. That puts him among the richest people in America – and far richer than most members of Congress or governors. Kushner’s fortunes come primarily from his real estate holdings, which include some of the most valuable properties in New York City. More than half of the Times Square building is owned by Jared Kushner. He and his siblings have gone a long way toward expanding the limits of his real estate company.

Jared Kushner Net Worth

Real Estate Properties

The assets of Jared Kushner consist of four luxury yachts, ten cars, and thirty-five real estate properties. Over $74 million in cash reserves is another asset Jared Kushner owns. An additional $120 million is owned by Jared Kushner in the form of a portfolio of 15 stocks.

Cars and Houses

Recently, Jared Kushner spent $1 million USD on a Lamborghini Aventador. In addition, Jared Kushner owns a $1 million USD Rolls-Royce Cullinan. In Los Angeles, California, there’s an 8,000-square-foot mansion belonging to Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner paid an estimated $21 million for the purchase of his home.


Kushner’s career hasn’t been without difficulties and controversy, despite his success. His real estate transactions came under investigation, especially because of possible conflicts of interest from his time in the White House. Furthermore, he occasionally faced criticism and ethical questions for his involvement in high-profile political decisions.


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jared Kushner has a net worth of $800 million. Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump. The couple has three children together.

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