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Public interest in John Daly’s life has often been greater than that of his golfing successes in a number of different areas. He frequently makes news due to his crazy lifestyle, love of fast food, and relationship with booze and smokes.

His dating past is a different facet of his personal life that quite interests people, nevertheless. The 55-year-old has wed four different women throughout his life. Even while he had ties to many more, just these four were formalized.

In 1987, he wed model Dale Crafton, who came from a prosperous family in Arkansas. However, they separated in 1990, the year before Daly won the PGA Championship, which propelled him to fame.

He met Bettye Fulford a few months after his first divorce, and they were married in early 1992. He was charged with third-degree assault after shoving her against a wall in their house a few months later. However, the charges were withdrawn since it was unclear exactly what happened and Bettye did not want to take it further.

He married Paulette Dean in 1995, just after the two had split up. Despite lasting longer than the first two, this partnership also came to an end in 1999. He remained single for two years before running into Sherrie Miller.

Everyone believed their marriage, which they began in 2001, would endure, but in 2007, everything fell apart. We are gonna talk about his ex-wife Bettye Fulford.

Who is Bettye Fulford?

Georgia is where Bettye was born and reared. She has dual citizenship in Georgia and a multiethnic heritage. She also practices her Christian beliefs. After divorcing his first wife, Daly met Bettye Fulford a short while afterwards. From Georgia, Bettye was a hotel convention planner. Fulford is a Georgian native.

John Daly’s Wife, Bettye is most known. Fulford revealed she was expecting his child just before Daly ended their relationship.


Full Name Bettye Fulford
Nickname Will Be Updated
Date of Birth Will Be Updated
Father Will Be Updated
Mother Will Be Updated
Husband Ex-Husband John Daly
Sibling Will Be Updated
Children Shynah Hale Daly

John Daly’s Wife’s Early Life

Bettye was born and raised in Georgia. We can tell from her photo that she’s in her fifties. She is of mixed racial and national origin, being Georgian. She follows the Christian faith in a similar manner.

Bettye has only ever been married once. She is the second wife of John Daly. Her husband John plays golf professionally in the US. When the two first met, Fulford was employed as a hotel convention coordinator in Georgia. The couple got hitched in the year 1992. The pair was unable to keep their romance going for too long.

Only three years were spent dating. They divorced in 1995 after giving birth to one stunning daughter together.

John Daly’s Wife’s Education

She was employed by Georgia hotels as a convention planner. Fulford, who was born in Georgia before marrying John. It is challenging to discuss her present job because she chose a discreet life after they split up.

John Daly’s Wife’s Wiki

Georgia is where Bettye was born and reared. Her picture clearly shows that she is in her fifties. She is Georgian but of mixed racial and ethnic heritage. She practices Christianity in a similar way.

Bettye has only ever experienced one marriage. She is John Daly’s second wife. John, her spouse, is a professional golfer in the US. Fulford was working as a hotel conference organizer in Georgia when the two first met. 1992 saw the marriage of the pair.

There were just three years of dating. After giving birth to one beautiful daughter together, they got divorced in 1995.

John Daly’s Wife’s Height and Weight

Physical Status

Height 1.77 m / 5’10”
Weight 77 Kg / 170 lbs
Eye Color Will Be Updated
Hair Color Will Be Updated

Body Measurements

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Waist size Will Be Updated
Hip Will Be Updated
Shoe (Feet) Size Will Be Updated

John Daly’s Wife’s Net Worth

Bettye might be making the right amount of money from her professional career. John Daly, her ex-husband, is a millionaire. He is thought to be valued around $2 million as of 2022. As a professional golfer from the United States, he earned this million dollars from the sporting events industry. This sum includes both his personal goods and real estate. From the years 1986 to 2020, he was worth more than $10 million in earnings.

John Daly’s Wife Family

The mother of a sweet daughter is Bettye. She and her ex-husband, John, a professional golfer, had a daughter together. Her daughter’s name is Shynah Hale Daly.

John Daly’s Wife Age/ House Address

-50 Years

John Daly’s Wife about

She worked as a convention coordinator for hotels in Georgia. Fulford, who wed John, was a Georgia native. It is difficult to talk about her current employment because she chose a private existence after they split up.


When John Daly won the 1991 PGA Championship at Crooked Stick, who was the woman by his side?

Bettye Fulford

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