Is Lexi Rivera Dating Fellow Youtuber Andrew Davila?

Lexi Rivera has gained considerable recognition in the realm of social media influencers. Her engaging videos and endearing demeanor have helped her amass a sizable fan base on social media sites like TikTok. Her sister, renowned influencer Brent Rivera, is well-known to a large audience.

Thanks to her vlogs, which chronicle her life, gymnastics demonstrations, and fashion shows, Lexi Rivera has become a well-known social media influencer. But her devoted followers are curious about her love life and the person she is seeing right now.

Lexi Rivera Dating Andrew Davila

While Lexi Rivera is currently dating Andrew Davila, she was previously involved with YouTuber Ben Azelart from 2018 to 2020.  She did, however, clarify early on in the tape that they were simply close friends and that the whole thing was a joke. According to Lexi’s friends, she plans to go out with Andrew in 2023.

The two frequently appear in each other’s social media posts, which is why the rumors are still going strong. We might still have to wait until the suspected couple makes their relationship official.

Along with being an active member of the collaborative YouTube channel Sunset Park, he has worked with a number of other influencers. Andrew Davila is of Mexican descent, having traveled there with both of his parents. He speaks Spanish with ease. In addition to his online activities, he has a strong love for sports, especially soccer, and frequently uses basketball and soccer activities as a way to decompress.

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About Lexi Rivera Past Relationships

In 2017, as Amp Studios was being formed and creators were joining the team, Lexi and Ben Azelart got to know one another. Ben said that they didn’t talk to each other for the first six months following their meeting. But in 2018, they both experienced attraction and started dating.

Between 2018 and 2020, they were regularly featured in each other’s social media posts and frequently appeared in Brent Rivera’s videos together. After that, in November 2020, Lexi posted a video on YouTube titled “We Broke Up,” in which she candidly talked about their breakup. They admitted that it was getting harder for them to look okay in front of the camera. Besides they made it clear, though, that their decision to call it quits was mutual and less dramatic than one might think.

They continued by discussing the different stages of their relationship and disclosing that their happiness off-camera was very different from their on-camera happiness. Also they eventually came to a breaking point where they were unable to carry on acting.

Fans Speculation about Lexi and Andrew

There is a devoted fan base for Andrew and Lexi that wants the two to publicly announce their relationship on the internet and get together. It appears Lexi and Andrew are dating, at least based on the amount of flirtation between them and the videos they shared. The opinions of their fans on their relationship are pretty split. 

Some people actually think that the two are dating, while others think that their relationship is just a ruse and they are just close friends. Even so, it can be challenging to discern the truth. Prior to all of these rumors involving Andrew Davila, Lexi spent two years dating Ben Azelart from 2018 to 2020. Ben is also a well-known YouTuber.

Lexi Rivera’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Lexi Rivera is $2 million USD. In 2010, she started her YouTube channel, which she reopened in 2018. Since then, she has accumulated 7 million subscribers on a substantial platform. She also enjoys a sizable following on Instagram and TikTok, which presents her with more chances to make money.


In a YouTube video, Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila formally announced their partnership. The combination of Andrew’s increasing popularity and Lexi’s noteworthy success on various social media platforms has garnered a lot of attention. Despite their previous relationships, Lexi and Andrew are happy together and use their content to engage and captivate their fans.

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