Liver King Net Worth, Income, Age, Height, Wife, Biography, Career & Controversy

Liver King is so obsessed with eating raw liver that he could easily pass for someone who is not ordinary. He’s also well-known for living a very different lifestyle and lifting enormous amounts of weight. His emphasis on bodybuilding is evident in the way he looks. Know about Liver King Net Worth, Income, Age, Height, Wife, Biography, Career & Controversy from the further sections of this article. 


Brian Johnson was born on April 7, 1977, in San Antonio, Texas. Apart from being severely bullied at school, not much is known about Liver King’s early years. In 2000, he graduated with a bachelor of applied science in biochemistry from Texas Tech University. Johnson attended Texas Tech University before quitting medical school and landing a job at a pharmaceutical company.

Name Liver King
Place Of Birth San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Nationality American.
Profession Social media influencer.
Spouse Barbara Johnson.
Siblings Unknown.
Kids Rad Johnson and Stryker Johnson.

Liver King Age, Height and Weight

Liver is five feet and seven inches tall and is 45 years old. The Liver King claimed to have been depressed almost constantly during his unhappy childhood. Brian was grieving because his father passed away when he was a small child.

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Liver King House

Over the past few years, Liver King has made large real estate investments in addition to his supplement businesses. His enormous net worth is further increased by the $7 million mansion and 500-acre ranch he owns in Austin, Texas. With these investments, Liver King not only demonstrates his success but also leads an opulent lifestyle consistent with his ancestry.

Wife and Children

In 2004, Brian met Barbara, a dentist, while snowboarding. Barbara is now Brian’s wife, and the two of them have two boys who go by the nickname “Savage Liver Boys.” Despite starting out as a successful dentistry practice, Brian and Barbara eventually broadened their product line to include nutritional supplements. Radi and Stryker Johnson, Liver King’s two sons, and his wife Barbara Johnson make up the family. Some of Liver King’s social media videos feature his sons, who he refers to in his videos as Savage Liver Boys.


Liver King and his wife established a vertically integrated dentistry practice, which they eventually sold, after Liver Queen Barbara Johnson was born. The Johnsons left their lucrative dental practice to become full-time distributors of dietary supplements and influencers. Around this time, Liver King’s journey as a muscular shirtless influencer began when his wife, Liver Queen, began to support Brian’s ancestral lifestyle.

Liver King Net Worth 

The net worth of Liver King is $310,000,000. There are many disagreements regarding the veracity of this astounding figure because it’s becoming more common for fitness instructors and influencers to brag about their income in order to establish their brands as more authoritative.

It’s likely that this figure is greatly inflated. According to publicly available information about his ventures and holdings, including real estate supplement startups, his net worth is more likely to be $12 million.

Liver King Net Worth


Since he rose to fame on social media, Johnson has been the subject of intense controversy. Nutritionists have widely criticized Johnson’s raw meat diet, arguing that it may be harmful. Even though he had consistently denied using any anabolic steroids in his workout routine, he garnered even more mockery in late 2022 when it was discovered that he regularly takes testosterone and steroids to achieve his physique.


Liver King is the moniker Brian Johnson chose to use on social media to advertise his companies. But the name also refers to his habit of consuming one pound of raw liver every day, which he says he has been doing for years.

The Liver King gained popularity on social media for his unconventional weightlifting routines, protruding muscles, and bodybuilder-like physique. Among other things, he frequently lifts heavy rocks over long distances, curls dumbbells in the desert, and performs deadlifts on his bed.

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