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If you’re a TikTok lover, you’ve undoubtedly seen Simon during his investing travels. Simon is a success-oriented person who often wanders around London’s streets asking others about their aspirations and then assists them in realizing them. I think you’re also curious to know about Simon Squibb net worth and so more. 

Simon serves as a ray of hope in a world when resources are scarce and kindness is even more uncommon. He demonstrates that good people still exist and would stop at nothing to help others achieve their objectives.

Bio and Wiki

An English billionaire businessman, Simon Squibb was a co-founder of Nest. Former owner of Fluid Comics, Simon Squibb sold the company to PwC in 2016. In addition to running Nest, Metta, he is presently developing a project he calls The Purposeful Project.

He is a remarkable businessman who feels that financial investments in other human entrepreneurs are more important.

Simon Squibb Age, Height and Weight

By the year 2024, Simon Squibb will be fifty. London, England, was the place of his birth in 1974. Though we are looking into this and will provide an update as soon as anything new surface, he has not yet disclosed his precise birthdate. Simon is 5 feet 11 inches tall. 

Those gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair are probably the most noticeable features on his face. He also like keeping things basic when it comes to his dress code. His typical attire is casual, and he frequently appears to be an average partygoer when strolling around London’s streets.

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Simon’s career began relatively modestly when he was hired as a partner and advisor by Hong Kong-based Fluid Comics in April 2006. After that, he established, an organization where business owners invest in other business owners. His business also concentrated on creating a platform to help business owners reach their objectives. Nest operated from June 2017 and December 2019.

He established Mettā in January 2016, a members club that links individuals, concepts, opportunities, and resources in the entrepreneurial community. He has been The Purposeful Project’s chief purpose officer since October 2020. In addition, Simon is an investor in a number of other companies, such as TableYeti, Podcast Radio, Heights, and Royal TW Water.

Net Worth

Simon Squibb has an incredible $500 million net worth as of right now. He owes his considerable achievement in the field of enterprise for his extraordinary wealth. Over the years, a number of Simon’s businesses have made significant profits, and it is encouraging to see that he also uses his riches to empower others.

Because he is currently well-known, he gives guidance to different people via podcasts, social media pages, and other channels. The fact that he currently has over 322,000 YouTube subscribers and over 488,000 Instagram followers demonstrates how well-known he has grown over time. Howard Panes is another businessman who appreciates content production.

The actual amount of money Simon Squibb makes per year is over $50 million. In 2024, Simon Squibb will earn over $5 million each month.


Simon Squibb gets wed to Helen Griffiths, a beautiful woman. The charming couple is a proud father of their handsome boy. After 16 years of marriage, Simon and his spouse appear to be happier than ever. The stunning pair seems to still be very much in love 16 years later, as they frequently show off their affection for one another.


He opened a Tiktok account on October 18, 2019. He has 1.3M followers and 13.1M likes on Tiktok. He uploaded amusing videos of himself on his account, many of which featured him laughing, having fun, creating podcasts, and doing interviews. In total, he put out about 1546 videos. It’s established that this is his Tiktok profile. He goes under the username “simonsquibb” on the internet.

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