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Towhida Tasnim Tifa has proven to be Bangladesh’s most formidable beauty pageant representative. She might participate in the competition this year. Tifa has every attribute needed to keep one step ahead of the competition. 

She aspires to be awarded Miss great International and proudly represents Bangladesh on the great platform. Tifa is an advocate for human rights. She works in a variety of social capacities. She fervently supports Miss Grand International’s “Stop War” initiative, which aims to promote freedom and peace.


Towhida Tasnim Tifa was born in Joydevpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh. Mother is a lawyer by profession. He is also a graduate in law. The atmosphere of singing and playing was in the family. As a child, he took music lessons from his mother and learned dance from a teacher. Apart from dancing and singing, the young lady is also good at acting. He also acted in small screen. 

In 2018, he made his debut in drama. After that he acted in several plays. His performance was appreciated. Touhida wants to see herself as an international model in the future. And the contribution of his parents is the most for his rise.


Tifa became 25 years old today. Her home district is Gazipur. She is an actress, model, law graduate, and social justice supporter.

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Early Life

Towhida Tasnim Tifa had always desired to work as a counselor and an advocate for the poor, even as a little child. It is why she is passionate about pageants and has some prior pageantry experience. She found it beneficial to become active with many causes. Tifa was employed by a foundation that tries to give food and education to underprivileged kids. She intends to start her own nonprofit shortly.

Beauty of Tifa

The beauty of pageants is that they provide a platform for showcasing femininity that is defined by empowerment and independence. Rather than women who look nice in a set framework, women participate in platforms that highlight them as capable individuals with a lot of potential who can achieve a lot.

More than simply a flawless face and figure should define a winner. She needs to be well-rounded. In order to lead by example, she needs to be an approachable person with a compelling past and cause.


To be noted, Touhida Tasnim Tifa participated in the ‘Miss World Bangladesh’ beauty pageant and became the runner-up in 2017. Then in 2020, she was in the top ten of ‘Miss Universe Bangladesh’. She is also a social activist and has also served as the youngest judge of the Miss Teen International Bangladesh pageant.

Towhida Tasnim Tifa – Miss Grand Bangladesh

Bangladeshi girl Touhida Tasnim Tifa was seen on the Paris Fashion Week fashion stage. It is known that Touhida will leave Dhaka for France on September 24. Walked to Le Salon de Mirrors venue in Paris on September 29. The young Bangladeshi girl wore a dress designed by Crystalline Anne of Dubai.

Excited about the opportunity to attend Paris Fashion Week, model Tifa said, ‘I am very happy to be participating in a prestigious event like Paris Fashion Week. Models all over the world dream of participating in famous events like Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week. I am getting a chance to participate in such a big event as a Bangladeshi. It is a great honor and pride for me. For the country too.

This fashion show has a lot to learn from competitors from other countries. Participating in fashion shows in Paris, said there is an opportunity to create a larger range in the coming days. However, Tawhida said that his main goal is to highlight Bangladesh on this international fashion stage.


model tifa

towhida tifa


He said that he got this opportunity through American agency Sound Pace International. Tawhida said that when the agency offered to attend the event in Paris, she immediately accepted it. The young lady was the winner of Miss Grand Bangladesh, 2022 last year. He said that this helped him in getting the opportunity.

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