Ariel Helwani Wife – Jaclyn Stein: Know Everything About Jaclyn Stein

Ariel Helwani Wife: Helwani gained notoriety for his news report from 2016 regarding Brock Lesnar’s unexpected comeback to the WWE. Jaclyn Stein is a creative businesswoman and the wife of Ariel Helwani. She takes care of their three children at home and balances her career. A peek into her life is provided here. Jaclyn Stein is known for being a successful businesswoman, a fantastic mother, and her family’s strongest advocate.

She is most known for being the spouse of Ariel Helwani. In addition to being her husband’s driving force, Jaclyn has accomplished a number of personal goals. Let’s examine her personal life in more detail. Jaclyn Stein¬†rose to fame after developing a romantic relationship with the mixed martial arts fighter. After getting hitched on October 25, 2008, Ariel and Helwani are parents to three kids: two sons and a daughter.

Who is Ariel Helwani Wife – Jaclyn Stein?

American businesswoman and jewelry designer Jaclyn Stein is situated in the country. She is well known for being the spouse of Ariel Helwani. Her spouse is a well-known Canadian-American sports journalist who specializes in covering mixed martial arts. He has also worked for Fox and ESPN, and he is well-known for his work at MMA Fighting.

When did They Get Married?

In 2008, Ariel Helwani and Jaclyn Stein tied the knot. Their love tale is simply breathtaking. The couple, according to Ariel, first got together in 1994 when they were only in seventh grade. It took Ariel and Jaclyn a few years to realize that all they would want was to grow old together while attending the same school in Montreal.

Three children make up the couple’s family: a daughter named Claire and two sons, Daniel and Walter. The entire family of the Canadian was granted US citizenship on March 8, 2022. As of right now, the family resides in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States.

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Ariel Helwani Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ariel Helwani is $8 million, which is extremely large for a journalist. He has earned it, though, and that much cannot be disputed. Since he is at the top of the food chain, it appears that fans will continue to discuss his “Ariel Helwani net worth” until he retires.

His annual salary was reportedly $500,000 while he worked for ESPN. He doesn’t get his money from that alone. He writes columns for multiple prestigious websites and maintains a YouTube channel. Helwani left ESPN in 2021 to work for BT Sport and MMA Fighting. Hardcore fans were thrilled to see the return of the renowned MMA Hour once he returned to MMA Fighting. From then on, the show has continued to grow.

Jaclyn Stein Career and Net Worth

In terms of her profession, she designs jewelry. Together with her mother and sister Joanna, she owns and operates the jewelry business Anzie. She pursued a career in jewelry because she had always been interested in it since she was a young child. She leads the company as its CEO. Jaclyn frequently makes media appearances to talk about her experiences as a young CEO.

She must be making a great living from her jewelry business. Speaking with her spouse, Ariel, who works as an MMA fighter and renowned journalist in Canada.

Ariel Helwani Wife


Ariel and Jaclyn appear to be very content with their family situations. The renowned Canadian journalist Ariel Helwani rose to fame because of her spouse. After earning her jewelry engineering degree from McGill University, she started working as a jewelry designer.

Jaclyn Stein is also the CEO of the jewelry company Anzie Jewelry. Prior to getting married, she was not well-known in the media; her husband’s success helped her become well-known. Ariel Helwani, a former ESPN writer, is married to Jaclyn Stein Helwani.

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