Emma Selling Sunset Net Worth: How Rich Is She As Of 2024?

Emma Selling Sunset Net Worth: Emma Hernan is a $7 million net worth American real estate agent, model, and businesswoman. Emma Hernan has risen to the elite group of high-earning agents thanks to her real estate market success and her well-known role on Selling Sunset. Her reputation as a reputable real estate agent has been cemented by her skill at closing deals and building relationships with clients.

Emma Selling Sunset Net Worth

Early Life

The birthdate of Emma Hernan is July 14, 1991. Her family is a business family. Her folks ran a seafood business. She grew up and was born in. Massachusetts. She enjoyed working since she was young and used her stock investments at the seafood company to assist her parents in paying the bills. Emma Hernan has always had a preference for stocks, real estate, and, as of right now, cryptocurrency. Emma Hernan began working at the age of fifteen.

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Emma Hernan began her career even as a teenager. She took on a variety of jobs to assist in paying her bills and to support her parents’ business. Emma started taking on jobs as a model, an ice cream parlor employee, and a babysitter.

She began buying stocks when she was very young. Emma claims that her education in the stock market came from reading books and watching videos in the past. She even firmly believes that having several sources of income is a good idea.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of online celebrity Emma Hernan as of 2024 is $7 million. Emma makes his living as an American real estate agent, social media personality, model, and business owner. Her salary is $500,000. His main revenue streams are modeling, business, real estate, stock markets, cryptocurrency, and brand endorsements.

Emma Hernan has accomplished a number of noteworthy personal milestones in addition to her financial success, underscoring her standing as a notable person in the field. Her remarkable business sense and tenacity are demonstrated by her ability to manage a successful real estate career alongside her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Emma Selling Sunset Husband

Eight months after the filming of series five, Emma and Micah are still together, which is encouraging for their budding romance. When Emma took on a listing he was developing, they clicked right away. Emma later acknowledged in a confessional that she is “always strictly professional,” but that she felt “a little bit different” with Micah.

Fans could clearly see Emma and Micah’s sexual chemistry as they enjoyed a romantic hot tub date in an amazing home in the hills, despite Emma and Micah’s admission in the previous episode that they’d prefer to be friends before seeing where their romance goes.


When Emma Hernan was looking for a house on her own in 2017, she initially collaborated with Brett and Jason Oppenheim and was advised to get a real estate license. After that, in 2018, she became a member of The Oppenheim Group and started referring to the founding twins as her big brothers.

Hernan claimed that having experience in entrepreneurship gave her an advantage in terms of connections, particularly with regard to her role as a realtor on Selling Sunset. Emma is still expanding her real estate holdings, having bought investment homes and businesses in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as Los Angeles.


Entrepreneurs in a variety of industries can find inspiration from Emma’s path to success. Her aptitude for negotiating the difficulties of the business and real estate worlds, along with her passion for innovation and constant improvement, make her an inspiration to others.

Emma has gained the respect and admiration of her peers in the industry due to her remarkable accomplishments and unwavering commitment to her craft. Her ability to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities gives aspiring business owners a sense of empowerment.

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