Relationship Between Joseph Jens Price and His Wife Tonya Harding!

Tonya Harding, a reality television personality, was once an American figure skater and is now a retired boxer. Joseph Jens Price is her husband. Despite being well-known for being a famous spouse, Joseph had a different job.

Though Tonya Harding has experienced many turbulent moments in her life, nothing compares to the national disgrace she endured after entering a guilty plea in court after viciously attacking fellow competitor Nancy Kerrigan. Harding was able to move on, both personally and professionally, in spite of the scandal.

Who Is Joseph Jens Price?

Joseph Jens Price and Tonya Harding first connected, and in 2010 they were married. After a low-key ceremony in the stunning state of Washington, the couple has been together ever since. According to reports, Harding’s friend told the media that she wed “a real nice, blue-collar type of guy.”

2011 is the birth year of Gordon Price, a boy, by Harding and Price. She only has him as a child. Price calls his wife and their union “beautiful,” and it appears that he intends to stay together for the long run. Now that their son is six years old, the couple views him as the greatest thing that has ever happened to them.

After graduating, Joseph worked at various odd jobs. He was an expert in heating and air conditioning systems when he started out as an HVAC technician. Joseph eventually began performing at Timbers, a nearby karaoke bar. Timbers’ future wife was drawn to his heartfelt singing and used to frequent Timbers on a regular basis.

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Who is Tonya Harding? 

Tonya Harding was a former figure skater, boxer, and reality TV personality. Most of you may already know who Tonya is. In addition to her incredible skating abilities, she is well-known for the controversy surrounding Nancy Kerrigan, a fellow skater.

On November 12, 1970, Tonya Harding was born in Portland, Oregano. Her real name is Tonya Maxene Price. Albert Harding and LaVona Golden were her parents. She was raised by her mother and began ice skating at a very young age. Her mother signed her up for ice skating lessons with coach Diane Rawlinson when she was just three years old.

Relationship with Tonya Harding

Tonya was intrigued by Joseph’s singing ability and wanted to learn more about him. Tonya and Joseph dated for several months prior to Tonya’s decision to advance the relationship. Joseph was delighted to accept Tonya’s marriage proposal. On June 23, 2010, the couple exchanged vows. 

Tonya claimed that Joseph’s stunning eyes were the reason she fell in love with him. She added that her husband is the kindest person she has ever met. She thinks that, despite her popularity and skill as a skater, Joseph loves her for who she truly is. 

The birth of their son, according to Tonya and Joseph, is the best thing that has ever happened to them. Currently employed as a woodworker, Joseph Jens Price frequently receives assistance from Tonya to complete his tasks.

Other Relationship of Joseph Jens Price

Joseph Jens Price, his spouse, and their son reside in a rural area of Central Oregon. As the spouse of a well-known celebrity, Joseph is frequently encircled by paparazzi, but he avoids the tabloids. He doesn’t share many details about his personal life because he would rather live a normal life. Tonya’s third husband is Joseph. Three years after their 1990 marriage ended in divorce, the former figure skater was separated from Jeff Gillooly.

Joseph’s endearing demeanor and modest disposition caused Tonya to fall deeply in love with him. Tonya’s life changed dramatically after she married her soulmate, whom she had finally found. Joseph enjoys singing, and he frequently serenades his wife and son with songs at home. 


Tonya and Joseph are destined to be together. The expressions on their faces convey the depth of their love for one another. Tonya has had a devoted husband in Joseph. He never once mistrusted Tonya, even after learning of the horrific event and the damage it did to her life and career. Jens married Tonya for who she is, not caring about her past. He didn’t want her wealth or notoriety. He had one reason for marrying Tonya, and that was love.

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