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Kodak Black is a prominent person who has had some success in his professional life. However, in spite of all of his achievements and accolades, he was unable to maintain a spotless reputation and was frequently involved in legal issues. However, here is detail discussion about Kodak Black Net Worth, Salary, Age, Bio, Wiki, Girlfriend, Career, Assets & Controversy. 

Black has put out a number of albums, the majority of which have been incredibly popular. Despite the fact that he has served multiple prison terms for different offenses. Among many other offenses, he is accused of robbery, battery, and possessing weapons. He has been involved in several controversies and has had a troubled upbringing. Despite this, he has managed to build a successful career for himself and is considered one of the most promising young rappers today.


Dieuson Octave, the real name of Kodak Black, was born in Pompano Beach, Florida, on June 11, 1997. Marcelene, his father, immigrated from Haiti. His mother reared him in a public housing development. Black entered into a life of crime and started rapping in elementary school. He would get into fights and break into houses with his pals. Black was arrested for auto theft in middle school and expelled for fighting in the fifth grade.

At a young age, Kodak started selling drugs and engaging in other small-time crimes. He had a dismal attendance record and showed no interest in attending school. He got into multiple fights at school, which resulted in his repeated expulsion.

Name Kodak Black
Net Worth $6 Million
Salary $4,50,000 +
Profession Rapper
Birth Place Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
Nationality American
Date Of Birth 1997-06-11
Gender male
Parents Marcelene Octave


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Kodak Black had a young beginning to his career. Kodak began rapping with the “Brutal Youngnz” crew when he was twelve years old. The rapper joined “The Kolyons,” changing his affiliation. The official reason for Kodak’s change is unknown.

The rapper’s first mixtape, “Project Baby,” was released, and that’s when his career really took off. In Florida, the project found success on a local level when DJs played it at nearby nightclubs. Two more mixtapes, “Heart of the Projects” and “Institution,” which were released a year apart in December 2013 and December 2014, were his response to his success.

Kodak Black Net Worth

As of 2024, Kodak Black has an impressive net worth of about $6 million. His varied career driven by music, business endeavors, and a devoted fan base has brought him wealth.

Kodak Black Net Worth


Kodak Black was romantically involved with a female rapper known as “Cuban Doll in 2021. The rapper debuted on social media with a new haircut and a trimmer build following his brief stint in jail. The rapper and his attorney Bradford Cohen were spotted on camera on social media the day following the rapper’s release from jail.

The hip-hop artist notified the FBI Miami Field Office that he would pay the children of FBI agents Laura Schwartzenberger and Daniel Alfin’s college tuition. Agent Alfin and Agent Alfin died in a shootout at a Super Bowl party in 2022 while serving their duties.

Real Estate Investments

Kodak Black has made a wise investment diversification move by entering the real estate market. His $1.8 million acquisition of a commercial property in Pompano Beach, Florida, shows that he made a calculated decision to acquire assets that might increase in value over time and provide him with a possible source of passive income.

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There is some controversy surrounding Kodak Black’s name and career, just like there is with many rappers. Upon being found guilty of federal weapons charges, the rapper received a 48-month prison sentence in June 2020. During an attempt to buy weapons in 2019, the rapper gave a gun dealer false information.

After the rapper used fabricated information to purchase two weapons, law enforcement officers discovered them at a crime scene. November 2022 was the last month the rapper was supposed to serve his jail term.


Kodak Black put in a lot of work and decided to earn his place in the world by not selling drugs. He was given the opportunity to change his life, but he still has to pay the price for the many poor choices he made. He had a lot of potential in life, but his career suffered greatly as a result of his transgressions.

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