Does Rumor To Be Gay Manu Rios Has A Girlfriend? About His Relationship Status

The multi-talented Spanish performer Manu Rios has gained a large fan base on social media thanks to his captivating acting, modeling, and singing abilities. Like with any well-known public figure, he is frequently the subject of rumors and conjecture, which has led many to question his sexual orientation. 

Who is Manu Rios?

Manuel R. Fernandez was born in Calzada de Calatrava on December 17, 1998. At the age of nine, he made his debut in the entertainment business by taking part in a Castilla-La Mancha reality show. He also started posting covers of popular songs to YouTube at that age.

He received training in both traditional ballet and urban dance. When the children’s band Parchs reunited in 2012, he was one of the members. Along with Parchs, he released music and went on tour throughout Spain. In addition, he performed as Gavroche in a production of the musical Les Misérables.

When it comes to talking about his personal life, Manu Rios deliberately stays out of the spotlight and maintains a low profile. Although Manu may not be seeing anyone in public, it’s possible that he is seeing someone behind closed doors. Consequently, drawing conclusions too quickly is undoubtedly dangerous.

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Who Is Manu Rios Girlfriend?

Martina Cariddi is Manu’s girlfriend. Martina, his spouse, is an artist. The couple is transparent about their relationship and frequently shares adorable photos of themselves on social media. There was a circulating sexist rumor that made him famous. Many people thought he was gay. With a tweet on his Twitter account, he ended all of the rumors.

The actor used his Twitter account to share his opinions about people who disparage people who identify as “gay.” Few of his followers agreed with him, and even fewer believed that his viewpoint was negative. Later on, he tweeted a photo of himself and his female friend Denisse Pea, which clarified everything. Despite having many female friends, he has never been in a relationship.

Is Manu Rios Gay?

Manu Rios has a straight sexual orientation and is not gay. Manu’s sexual orientation has been misconstrued. In real life, though, he is not gay. For the Netflix series Elite, he plays a gay character. In the fourth season of Elite, his character Patrik is dating Ander. 

Many are confused about his real life because of the way he depicts his homosexuality on television. The rumor about Manu’s gay identity garnered a lot of attention. Many people thought he was gay. With his tweet, he ended all of the speculation.

About the Rumor

Manu Rios is cast in a Western gay cowboy film that will be released next year, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that he is queer in real life. He played a gay character on the well-liked Netflix series. This demonstrates his effectiveness as an actor, if there is anything. He can play the parts assigned to him convincingly and is well-versed in his craft. His sexual orientation is not indicated by this.

Manu Rios Net Worth

As of 2024, Manu Rios’s estimated net worth is $22 million. His popularity on social media and his lucrative acting career in several Spanish television shows have brought him wealth. Manu has a sizable fan base on Instagram, where he shares modeling, fashion, and lifestyle content, with over 11 million followers.


According to reports, Manu Rios is presently dating someone. Paradoxically, he is rumored to be dating the series’s actress who plays his younger sister. Mencía Blanco is portrayed by Manu’s purported girlfriend, Martina Cariddi.

His successful acting career, well-executed use of social media, and hard work have contributed to his impressive net worth and increased recognition from peers and fans. Manu’s varied career, which includes acting, singing, modeling, and producing content for social media platforms, has contributed to his financial success.

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