Who is Monica Dutton on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Kelsey Asbille

Who is Monica Dutton on ‘Yellowstone’? Fans of Yellowstone will recognize the stunning and strong Monica, who plays Kayce Dutton’s wife in the program. She works as a professor and teacher throughout Yellowstone and is a member of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. Monica and Kacye were married very early in their relationship because she became pregnant with her son Tate at a young age. 

They moved to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch after first residing on the Broken Rock Reservation. Monica left behind her familiar life to move to the Dutton family ranch with her husband and son. Monica’s goal in Yellowstone has always been to do what is best for her family. She feels conflicted about the Duttons a lot because being related to them puts her in danger.

Who is Monica Dutton on ‘Yellowstone’?

Monica, a Native American, is Kayce Dutton’s wife and resides on the Dutton ranch with her family. Monica teaches at the school on the reservation in Season 1, but in Season 2 she becomes a professor at the University of Montana.

After hearing about Sila, an indigenous girl who has gone missing, during last night’s episode, Monica gathers a group of students to assist in her search. After Sila’s body is tragically discovered in a ditch, Monica decides to work with the chief to form a council that will represent their community.

Monica is a symbol of the tenacious nature of Native Americans. She still perseveres and has grown more likable in later seasons in spite of all the trauma and tragedies she has experienced. She lost her second son in Season 5, and it is truly amazing how she overcame such tragedy and continued to be loyal to her family. 

Although Monica seemed a bit inconsistent in the beginning and perhaps should have been given more responsibility, she has come a long way in Yellowstone’s five outstanding seasons. Because of this, longtime fans who couldn’t look past her early years should give her a chance at redemption in the second half of the final season.

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‘Yellowstone’ and Monica’s Story 

In addition to the family turmoil she and Kayce endured prior to the start of the show, Monica experiences hospitalization in Season 1, her son’s kidnapping in Season 2, and a majority of Season 5 devoted to mourning her lost son. 

Naturally, there’s more; in the first episode, her husband killed her brother Robert, and during the Season 3 finale/Season 4 premiere, they were attacked in their own home. With all of that, one would think Yellowstone could come up with an interesting tale about this person who has accomplished so much. Instead, she keeps getting thrown to the side.

It didn’t last very long that Monica taught an American history course at the local university. As it was, her teaching career abruptly ended when she and her husband returned to the Dutton stronghold after she realized she had made a mistake in leaving him.

Does Monica die in Yellowstone?

No, Monica hasn’t passed away in Yellowstone, but she’s gotten very close, which is why some fans believe she passed away suddenly. She stumbles to the ground after receiving an unintentional blow to the head while instructing in Season 1. Despite giving the impression that she is recovering, Monica later passes out, and her admirers fear that she may not survive after Kayce’s CPR fails to revive her. 

About Kelsey Asbille

The actress who plays Monica Dutton, Kelsey Asbille, identifies as part Cherokee and claims Native American ancestry. The tribe asserted that she is not of Eastern Band Cherokee ancestry after failing to validate her claim.

According to Kelsey Asbille’s IMDb profile, her mother is descended from Native Americans and White people, while her father is the son of Chinese immigrants. When Asbille was first chosen to play a Native American role in 2017, she began claiming to be of Cherokee descent.

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