12 Most Popular Taco Bell Sauces Ranked On Heat Level

Taco Bell Sauces Ranked On Heat Level: Taco Bell is not like other fast food. And we must discuss the renowned Taco Bell sauces and what makes this restaurant unique! Whatever your preference—from the oozy Nacho Cheese sauce to the nearly too-hot-to-handle Diablo sauce—Taco Bell has the ideal sauce. Which sauces will you serve with your meal? 

This is always a crucial question because even the most delicious dish can quickly become inedible when it is lightly flavored with the wrong sauce. Nobody ever wants to enter that realm. Take special note of this ranking of all the sauces Taco Bell offers in order to help you avoid it.

Best Taco Bell Sauces Ranked On Heat Level

  • Hot Sauce

Compared to the mild sauce, the hot sauce has a slight kick, but not much. If you’re a fan of ketchup, the hot sauce will taste like a more intense version of your go-to condiment. It tastes a bit like ketchup with a few drops of spicy Sriracha sauce added to it. If you can take a little more spice, this sauce might be worth a try. You might want to avoid it and choose a sauce that isn’t spicy.

  • Mild Sauce

The Mild Sauce gives your tacos flavor without being overpowering, even though it is admittedly not very exciting. It tastes sweet, almost like ketchup, with a subtle tang. This is a great option to try if you’re not a fan of spice. Additionally, the mild sauce has zero calories, which will please those who are watching their intake of calories!

  • Nacho Cheese

The absence of a gooey chunk of melted yellow cheese from a plate of nachos makes it unsatisfactory. Because plain chips can be pretty boring on their own, the cheese is practically a need. Of course, a place like Taco Bell that serves nachos has that melted, dripping goodness on its menu. 

  • Spicy Ranch

Ranch dressing is a popular salad dressing, but it also seems to find its way into or onto a lot of unexpected foods, such pizza. However, this is understandable because ranch provides a flavor that is cooling, creamy, and coats the mouth well, making it a great complement to many savory ingredients. 

  • Avocado Ranch

You risk making something way too rich when you combine two foods that are already creamy. This could discourage people from trying Taco Bell’s Avocado Ranch sauce. Ranch dressing, as we all know, definitely qualifies as exceptionally creamy since avocados have such a creamy texture.

  • Creamy Chipotle

The awesome spice that chipotle peppers add to food is unmatched. Not only are they spicy, but unlike many hot sauces, they also have flavor. Adding chipotle peppers to a dish is a great idea because you don’t want it to taste like nothing but pain. 

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  • Red Enchilada Sauce

Combining spicy and sweet flavors results in a delicious concoction that goes well with a wide variety of savory dishes. It is always best to have both tastes so that none overpowers your palate when trying to balance out a dish. For that reason, Taco Bell’s Red Enchilada Sauce is a fantastic choice to slather over almost anything on the menu. 

  • Diablo Sauce

It’s safe to assume you’re entering a very dark realm full of torturous infernos and epic levels of pain when you start exploring spice territory that includes the word diablo. Thus, when testing the boiling waters of Taco Bell’s Diablo Sauce, exercise caution. For some, it’s enough of a deep, vicious red color to make them run for the hills. 

  • Creamy Jalapeno

It can be challenging to find an excellent sauce sometimes. Though there are a plethora of different condiments available, many of them are uninteresting. Thus, long after it reaches your palate, you remember the one that truly stands out from the others. This is precisely what Taco Bell’s Creamy Jalapeño sauce does to your taste buds. 

  • Fire Sauce

Those who enjoy spicy food get a certain pleasure from burning their tongues, despite the fact that it can occasionally be painful. Not everyone can look a spicy dish in the eye without getting scared, but for those who can, imagine how happy their palates will be when they conquer a dish that makes others cringe.

  • Breakfast Salsa

This salsa is perfect for any time of day, even though it has that name! Introduced by Taco Bell to go with their breakfast menu, this bright yellow packet contains a mild sauce. Mild sauce can be used almost interchangeably with this sauce, as it is composed of nearly identical ingredients.

  • Guacamole

This rich and velvety sauce is ideal for giving your tacos a deeper, more flavorful layer. Furthermore, it’s healthful! Even the heartiest menu items benefit from the extra dose of refreshing flavor that this silky and creamy guacamole brings to the table. With less than 1g of protein, 3g of carbohydrates, and 7g of fat per serving, the guacamole only has 80 calories.

Bottom Line

When it comes to selecting a Taco Bell sauce, there is no right or wrong answer. It is entirely a matter of taste. There is a sauce for every taste, so don’t be scared to try different combinations until you find the one that works best for you, whether you like your food sweet, spicy, or mild. If everything else fails, you can always purchase any of Taco Bell’s sauces and mix them to make your own special concoction.

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