Shanna Riley: Relationships, Marriage and Children: Know More About Her

American internet sensation Shanna Riley gained notoriety as the ex-wife of Roman Atwood, a well-known YouTuber. After Roman learned of Shanna’s infidelity, they were married in 2001 and remained so until 2010. The social media celebrity gained notoriety after it was discovered that she had an affair with a producer.

Right out of high school, at the age of 18, Shanna Riley wed Roman Atwood. Her rise to fame was undeserved. Her spouse posted a video to YouTube titled “My Wife Cheated on Me,” and it went viral, bringing her international recognition. Atwood further disparaged her by calling her a “bitch” in a tweet. She was given a judgment dictating that she only gets to see her son on Christmas after losing a court case in which she sought custody of their son Noah.


The date of Shanna Janette Riley’s birth is February 21, 1983. She has a Pisces horoscope. Her ethnicity is North American, and she is an American woman. Riley has successfully avoided disclosing details about her family and educational history to the media, aside from her date and place of birth. 

Shanna Riley is a stunning brunette with golden brown hair, gorgeous gray eyes, and a pale complexion. Shanna Riley isn’t active on any social media sites save Instagram. She is also a very private individual who would rather not have her life exposed to the public.


Roman Atwood, Shanna Riley’s spouse, was her high school sweetheart. Following Shanna Riley’s high school graduation, Roman and Shanna Riley were married on November 17, 2001. They were both in love with each other when they got married. On October 18, 2004, following three years of marriage between Shanna and Roman, Noah Atwood was born.

Her former spouse, Roman, is a YouTuber as well. In 2008, Roman filed for divorce from Shanna, accusing her of having an affair while he was on vacation. Shanna was reportedly having an affair with Atwood’s coworker, a producer, according to the reports. Their relationship with the producer was positive for both of them. In addition, Shanna’s husband filed for divorce as a result of her adultery. 

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Born on October 18, 2004, Noah Vaughn Atwood is the son of Shanna Riley and Roman Atwood. Noah’s custody was divided between the two following their divorce.

Roman Atwood and Shanna Riley Divorce

Roman discovered his colleague was the person his wife had an extramarital affair with in 2008. He then filed for divorce, but the legal process didn’t start for another year after that. 

The divorce agreement was reached in 2010, and it was finalized in 2011. Despite Shanna’s betrayal, the court denied Roman full custody of their son. Their child was being cared for by both of them. Shanna spends the entire week with him, but he might spend the weekends with Roman. On October 10, 2015, Roman was later given custody of his child. He spent time with his ex-wife and their child was visible to her. 

Shanna Riley Career

Riley enjoyed fame up until she broke up with Roman Atwood, a huge YouTube star. As a social media star, she attracted a lot of attention while she was married to Atwood. She has, however, become quiet, and nothing is known about her present activities or whether she has moved on. Her net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

Net Worth

The American social media star is thought to be worth approximately $2 million, with her husband’s business providing a large portion of her earnings. Her spouse is extremely wealthy from the videos he uploads to YouTube and is a sensation. It is estimated that his net worth is approximately $12 million. Because of their substantial incomes, Noah is fortunate to lead an opulent life with a promising future.

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