Steve Wallis Wife, Jessica Audrey: How Did She Die?

Steve Wallis Wife: Steve and Jessica celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary recently, having tied the knot in 2017. They were deeply in love, even though they couldn’t recall how or when they had first met. Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis has become popular and widely recognized for his films about outdoor activities and camping. He is famous for his unusual and daring camping techniques, which include yard camping, boondocking, and stealth camping. 

In addition, he calls his custom of having a beer after establishing his camp “step two.” However, Steve Wallis has a tragic backstory that has shocked and saddened his fans and followers behind his upbeat and humorous persona.

Who is Steve Wallis Wife Jessica Audrey?

Jessica Audrey Wallis was the wife of famous Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis, 40. She was employed as a public school teacher, but she occasionally appeared in Steve’s films and live streams. However, she used to lead a reclusive life and detested being on camera. 

Jessica joined Steve on his livestream to commemorate hitting one million subscribers, and the two appeared to be very happy together. 

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What Happened to Steve Wallis Wife Jessica?

Although Steve Wallis did not disclose the precise cause of his wife’s passing, he did state that she passed away peacefully on Saturday night while sleeping. He claimed to be in shock and disbelief and to be at a loss for words when it came to expressing his loss and grief.

In addition, Steve Wallis honored his spouse, who he consistently referred to in his videos as his “Beautiful Wife” even though she was never seen on camera. He claimed that she was the driving force behind the creation of his YouTube channel, Camping with Steve, and that she was always there to lend support.

He described her as a good-hearted, giving, and loving individual whose smile and upbeat attitude impacted numerous lives. In addition, Steve Wallis thanked his followers and admirers for their prayers and encouragement and pleaded with them to respect his privacy during this trying time. He stated that he would continue to make videos because his wife would want him to but that he would require some time to process and recover.

How did Jessica Audrey Die?

While she slept, Jessica Audrey Wallis unexpectedly passed away. Steve concealed the exact reason behind her wife’s demise. On social media, people are making assumptions about her health history and whether or not she had a heart attack while she was asleep.

Some commenters also questioned whether she died from a brain aneurysm or an AVM. Steve was shocked and devastated to learn of his wife’s untimely passing. It was a total nightmare for him to wake up and find her wife in that predicament. The last few seconds of the video were really hard to watch. He clearly looked like he was barely hanging on.

How did Their Love Story Begin?

Their love story had the most unlikely beginning when Steve was homeless. Thanks to Jessica’s kindness and encouragement, he was able to find a place to live, launch a business, and get back on his feet.

Before Jessica’s tragic passing in 2017, the couple had a wonderful five years together after getting married in 2017. She was a constant source of influence and support for Steve Wallis, which helped him become a well-known YouTuber and documentarian.

Steve Wallis’s spouse Jessica Audrey Wallis, who was instrumental in his success, continued to be a private person who shied away from the spotlight. She did, however, make a noteworthy appearance in one of Steve’s YouTube videos celebrating reaching one million subscribers.


Jessica Audrey Wallis’s cause of death is unknown, but according to her husband, when he woke up on Sunday morning, his wife had already passed away when they went to bed on Saturday night. Steve Wallis tragically announced his wife’s death in a YouTube video, accusing Jessica of forsaking him through the whole thing.

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