Vlad And Niki Net Worth, Earnings, Age, Height, Weight, Bio and YouTube Career

Vlad And Niki are popular Russian content creators on YouTube. Their videos mainly consist of challenges, skits, and vlogs. In recent years, Vlad And Niki have become increasingly popular among young people all over the world. Their funny and entertaining videos have resonated with many viewers, resulting in a large following on social media. So, you must have a deep curiosity about Vlad And Niki net worth. 

Biography of Vlad And Niki

Vlad, the older brother, turned ten years old on February 26, 2013. Niki is eight years old and was born on June 4, 2015. The Russian-Americans live in their birthplace of Miami, Florida. They have a younger brother named Christian Sergey Vashketov, and their parents left the country before they were even born. They are both in elementary school right now, and Vlad has developed into a competitive athlete who likes soccer and kickboxing. The intelligent younger brother, Nikita, enjoys traveling, sketching, singing, and dancing.

The family relocated to Dubai in 2018, where they are now residents. The parents of Vlad and Niki began recording their kids’ regular activities on camera and posted the videos to YouTube. The channel currently has over 100 million subscribers as a result of the videos’ rapid rise in popularity. The brothers can be seen in the videos having adventures, learning new things, and playing with toys.

The family wants to produce kid-friendly, educational, and entertaining content. They think that kids can learn new things while having fun with their videos. In addition, the brothers launched their own toy line.

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Vlad And Niki Net Worth


Their parents, Moscow, Russia natives Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, oversee the kids’ YouTube accounts and content creation. Sergey concentrates on production and channel management, and Victoria plans daily activities and maintains a healthy balance between their personal and online lives.

Height and Weight

Niki, the younger sibling, is 3.4 feet tall, while Vlad, the older brother, is 3.7 feet tall. Niki and Vlad attend school, despite the fact that they spend most of their time making YouTube videos. For now, they go to elementary school.

YouTube Channel

The YouTube account was originally known as Vladik Toys when it was created by Vlad and Niki on April 23, 2018. The toy unwrapping videos were first made by Vlad and his mother; later, Niki joined in. Community and sharing are central to their content.

Pretend play, story-telling, toy play, and vlogging in foreign places like Dubai are featured in most of the videos featuring the boys. On occasion, their videos incorporate nursery rhymes. Right now, they rank among the top ten most-subscribed YouTube channels globally with 92.7 million subscribers.

Vlad And Niki Net Worth and Earnings

The combined net worth of Vlad and Niki is between $32 million and $192 million. The YouTubers were the highest paid on a per video basis in 2019, with an estimated earnings of $312,000 per video. By contrast, Nastya made about $258,000 for each video in the same period. Over 220 million subscribers and over 130 billion views have been received by their channels combined.

These days, they generate about $51 million annually from YouTube ad sales since companies want to reach their audience. Because their merchandise and deals are not included in this estimate, their total yearly income is significantly higher.


Vlad and Niki are absolutely young, but they’ve already accomplished a great deal. They have been highlighted in a number of media outlets and have received multiple awards, including the YouTube Diamond Play Button. According to what their parents have said, they will keep making kid-friendly, educational content.

Since their Youtube channels have over 3,000 videos and a plethora of other content, it is difficult to determine Vlad and Niki’s net worth and annual earnings from the platform.

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