Is TikTok Star Cheryl Dead? Rumors of Her Passing During Childbirth!

Is TikTok Star Cheryl Dead? Cheryl and her partner are so young, many people on the platform have spread rumors about Cheryl’s death. Since these rumors first occured from 2022, many people have assumed that the 62-year-old has tragically passed away. 

Nevertheless, Cheryl, the TikToker, is still alive and well in spite of these claims. She continues to be alive and well, as demonstrated by the multiple videos she and her partner have been sharing.

Who is Cheryl?

Queen Cheryl was born in 1970 and took the throne in 1996 after her father abdicated. She commanded great reverence and respect from her subjects during her reign, and her charitable activities brought her recognition on a global scale. 

Her dedication to diplomacy and social causes made her a symbol of advancement and solidarity. During Queen Cheryl’s reign, many notable accomplishments were made, such as improvements in healthcare, education, and environmental preservation.

Globally, she has approximately 2.6 million followers who are her fans. The majority of Cheryl’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and sponsored promotions. In addition, Cheryl has mentioned experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, and nightmares, among other mental health issues. She identifies as a survivor.

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Is Queen Cheryl Dead?

No, Cheryl is still alive. In March, rumors that she had passed away began to circulate once more, unfortunately not for the first time. When Quran wept in a video, some people thought the worst. The caption made it clear that he was angry that the couple was having trouble finding a surrogate. 

Later on, he assured the crowd that Cheryl was perfect and that nothing was wrong with her. Some have now made light of the confusion surrounding her passing and are speculating about Cheryl’s death in the comments section.

She addressed the death hoax and discussed how it has affected her in a recent video. More than most, Queen Cheryl continued, saying that she is “alive and thriving.” Regretfully, this hasn’t stopped people from leaving comments, with many saying that she’s posting from the afterlife or that all of her most recent videos were rough cuts before she “died.”

Relationship and Husband

Quran is Cheryl’s is 24 years old husband. This couple is among the rarest in that they have a 37-year age difference. The couple has never allowed their extreme age difference to break their bond. Actually, they intend to raise a child together through surrogacy. Quran was 15 years old when the couple first made contact, but they later broke up. 

Even though their ages are different, the couple has approved of their physical intimacy. Cheryl stated in one of the interviews that she has never met a man who is as emotionally invested, sensitive, and caring as the Quran. Together, the pair is content. 

Cheryl was married to Cali prior to meeting Quran. She has repeatedly stated that she felt like killing herself and that the relationship was toxic. Cheryl’s family life aspires to be equally beautiful. Her parents physically and psychologically abused her. She also admitted to her fans in a video that she had been bullied and raped when she was younger. Her life has not always been so lovely and carefree. She actually left California once in order to save her children’s lives.

Reaction to the Death Hoax

King Quran and Queen Cheryl uploaded videos to their social media accounts in spite of the death hoax, indicating that they were unfazed by the untrue allegations. They also didn’t directly address the rumors or provide an explanation for their origin.

King Quran, however, stated in an interview with Sportskeeda2 that he was not shocked by the death hoax because he and Queen Cheryl had already encountered a lot of hate and criticism due to their age difference and relationship. “We have experienced much worse than this,” he remarked. We’ve faced threats, derogatory remarks, and even attempts to split us apart. However, we are closer to one another than ever and we are stronger than ever.

Net Worth

Cheryl currently makes $100,000 a year as a TikTok celebrity. Cheryl is living a lavish lifestyle and is more than content with her earnings. 

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